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Sun 20 - Thu 24 November 2022 Wellington, New Zealand
Thomas Bryan

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Name:Thomas Bryan

I am a highly experienced and dedicated leader, with over 20 years of working in the disability sector, leading nationwide, adaptive-technology initiatives, managing the delivery of crucial services, and advising on accessibility strategy and planning requirements. I have improved the quality of services to meet the diverse needs of disabled people, particularly blind, deafblind, low vision and vision-impaired (referred to as blind), with a focus on continuous improvement, development and growth. I have always strived to create and pursue a strong vision for the future, developing and implementing strategies, goals and outcomes and motivating and empowering staff, to make a meaningful difference for blind people.

With numerous senior roles, including National Technology Advisor for Blind Low Vision NZ, I have identified new, trending and emerging technologies, to add value to the organisation’s clients and to improve the lives of people who are blind, deafblind, low vision and vision-impaired throughout New Zealand. I have held additional roles, including Service Support Manager Adaptive Technology and Employment Services; Head of Support Services; National Manager Employment Services; Employer Awareness Team Leader; and Adaptive-Communications Technology Instructor. Across these roles, I have coached and mentored teams, written business cases for new technology initiatives, set up and launched training programmes, and managed financial and funding aspects of projects.

Alongside these roles, I have been active in the disability community, holding advisory and governance roles with Able Media Access Charitable Trust, the Greater Wellington Public Transport Advisory Group, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency ‘Project NEXT’ team, and the Accessibility Advisory Committee. My contributions to the community have been recognised by several awards: the Beamish Memorial Award from Blind Citizens NZ in 2019; the Star Award from the Blind Foundation in 2017; and the Chairman’s Award from the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind in 2016. I am passionate about my contributions to the disability community. I am committed to continuing my work in this field, advising government agencies, organisations and stakeholders on accessibility and removing the barriers faced by disabled people.

Country:New Zealand
Affiliation:Disability Sector in NZ



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